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If you’re new to massage therapy, chances are you’ve got some questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked queries about massage therapy. Need more? Contact the Massothérapie Massage Addict clinic nearest you. They’d be more than happy to help.

A:Massage therapy is a recognized health care option that positively contributes to one’s general health and wellness and also works the body’s soft tissue to help relieve pain and stiffness associated with stress, tension, injury and other conditions. It brings many benefits to our muscles, connective tissues, tendons andligaments—in terms of managing, pain, injury, stress and tension levels.

A:While it is great way to promote relaxation, massage therapy is so much more. Massage helps manage pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, decrease muscle tension, ease breathing difficulties, lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, improve mobility, promote sleep, manage anxiety & depression and helps improve your overall wellness.

A:Regular massage therapy provides some pretty amazing benefits. Massage therapy can help with everything from injury, muscle tension, chronic pain and stress, to posture, high blood pressure and sleep issues—as well as providing an hour of blissful relaxation. Massage therapy is a great way to help enhance both your mental and physical well being as well as positively contribute to your general health and wellness.

A:Let a member of our clinic team know what type of massage you are looking for and any health concerns you wish to address. All of the Massage Therapists that provide treatments at Massothérapie Massage Addict are trained and knowledgeable in multiple techniques. They will customize their style, and treatment, based on your needs. Additionally, you can find our Massage Therapist bios on the clinic’s webpage, which can also help you find the best Massage Therapist for your needs.

A:At your first massage, you’ll complete a health history form and address any of your concerns and goals with your massage therapist. Once the treatment has been determined, the massage therapist will leave the room to allow you the privacy to get onto the table and make yourself comfortable. Before re-entering the room to begin the treatment, your therapist will knock on the door. To learn more about what to expect at your first massage, click here.

A:Depending on your preventative and maintenance needs, one massage per month is the recommended frequency. If your specific condition or needs demand it, your massage therapist will design a customized treatment plan which may involve more or less frequent massages.

A:With the appropriate pressure, massage can have a direct effect on the circulatory system, which helps reduce inflammation and helps relieve pain. You are encouraged to communicate with your massage therapist about your pain/comfort level at any time during your massage.

A:It’s not uncommon to feel some muscle soreness after a massage. Massage triggers a release of lactic acid stored in tight muscles, which can create a temporary feeling of soreness. The good news? Many people enjoy post-massage heightened energy levels and an increased range of motion.

A:Massages last for one hour, including a 5-10-minute dressing time and health assessment to ensure a safe, personalized massage. Dressing and assessment times can vary.

A:Although there are many benefits to Hot Stone Massage there are some conditions that need consideration before treatment. The most common contraindications are; pregnancy, any condition that impacts the immune system (such as Lupus, Cancer, Mononucleosis to name a few), any conditions that impact the skin such as severe bruises, burns, shingles and/or any condition that results in a loss of sensation (examples include diabetes, Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disorder). If you have a specific condition that is not listed, please make sure to discuss it with your massage therapist prior to treatment.

A:No. You can receive an effective, therapeutic massage regardless of what clothing (if any) you choose to remove. Your comfort and ability to relax is a top priority for our massage therapists. It enables them to deliver effective massage therapy as well as make you feel at ease. Massage therapists are trained to make sure the fresh sheet on the massage table always drapes you and ensures your privacy. If at any time you feel uncomfortable due to pain, treatment or draping, please let your massage therapist know. Before and after the massage, you will be able to undress and dress in complete privacy. For more information about what to expect, click here.

A:Because massage therapy is a recognized health care treatment, most extended plans cover massage therapy and many offer direct billing. It’s best to check with your insurance provider before your appointment to see how much is covered and whether you require a doctor’s note in advance for reimbursement purposes.

If your insurance company is not set up for direct billing with Massothérapie Massage Addict, please be prepared with an alternate form of payment. After your treatment you will be provided with a receipt, signed by the massage therapist that treated you, that you may use to arrange for subsequent reimbursement with your insurance company.

A:At the present time we do not offer Direct Billing.

A:Yes we do! A therapeutic massage is a great way to show someone how much you care. Gift cards can be purchased online or in any of our Massothérapie Massage Addict clinics.

Regardless of where you purchase your gift cards, it can be used in any of our clinics across Canada!

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