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We want to say thank you to our clients for their overwhelming understanding and support with regards to our decision, on March 18th, to close all Massothérapie Massage Addict clinics across Canada in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. While this decision was not made lightly, our goal has been and will continue to be the health and safety of our clients, therapists and staff as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

We continue to take our guidance from the relevant regulatory bodies, Public Health and all levels of Government. As such,

Our clinics will remain closed for the time being.

This is a challenging time. And, for many reasons self-isolation is difficult. It’s made even more difficult as you cannot relieve the pain, anxiety, muscle soreness, and/or other symptoms for which you visit Massothérapie Massage Addict for a treatment.

While we cannot help you with a hands-on treatment, we are still here to help and will be providing at home solutions to help you manage your pain, stress, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia and general health and wellness.

We would love to stay connected with you during this time. We will continue to reach out via email regularly and we encourage you to follow us on Facebook if you haven’t already. We will routinely share relevant home care tips and other wellness content during this difficult time. We hope to help you feel connected and supported as we all make our way through this situation together.

We will also continue to update our website regularly with progress updates as we work toward a reopening date.

And, while our clinics are closed, we are not resting! We are focused on enhancing our sanitization and operational protocols in preparation for reopening. Your confidence, your health and your safety continue to be our top priority.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you and your loved one’s health and safety during these difficult times.

Caroline Kolompar
Massothérapie Massage Addict Inc.

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19

What’s happening with my appointment I had booked prior to the temporary closure?

A:If you have a booked appointment for the coming weeks, we will call you to reschedule. We will also be sending an email to all clients letting them know when we are re-opening, so you can always book online when that occurs.

Will I get charged cancellation or membership fees during the temporary closure?

A:All cancellations and memberships fees will be suspended while the clinics are temporarily closed.

How is Massothérapie Massage Addict being proactive in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 to clients?

A:All Massothérapie Massage Addict staff members are trained in personal hygiene habits. To further protect our clients, we have implemented additional frequency and enhanced cleaning protocols. After each treatment, therapists will continue to wash their hands as they’ve been directed and will disinfect all items used during the service. We have also added enhanced treatment protocols in the waiting room, and staff room.


Massothérapie Massage Addict clinics are not a place where a mass amount of people gather. On average our clinics are visited by 24 people per day; often there is just one or two clients in the reception area waiting for their treatment to commence. This allows us to exercise more frequent and targeted sanitation procedures in all areas of the clinic.

How is Massothérapie Massage Addict being proactive in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 to staff members and therapists?

A:Like all service providers in this pandemic, personal hygiene practices are paramount for our entire team. In addition, Massothérapie Massage Addict has implemented a policy on self-quarantine in affect for all staff, therapists and owners who have travelled to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has been in contact with someone who has traveled to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Should clients take any precautions before attending their appointment?

A:In order to maintain safe clinic atmospheres from coast to coast, we’re advising anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms to reschedule their treatments. This helps to protect therapists and staff members as well as other clients from being exposed to COVID-19 and any other virus.

Will therapists be wearing a mask during services?

A:According to Health Canada, masks are not recommended for healthy individuals in the prevention of COVID-19 spread. (There is proper protocol for wearing a mask that the general public may not be aware of, including the need to change masks frequently.)


Facemasks are only recommended for those who are experiencing symptoms and waiting for care. And, if anyone is experiencing symptoms and waiting for care, client/therapist etc, they should not visit the clinic until they receive a clean bill of health from their Doctor or related healthcare provider.

Are clients permitted to wear masks during their treatments?

A:A client may wear a mask during their service if they feel it necessary. If they are experiencing symptoms, however, the appointment must be rescheduled and the client must be seek the appropriate steps to be tested and treated in their community.

Can you be declined service if you are exhibiting symptoms?

A:Health Canada has advised that anyone exhibiting symptoms remain at home and avoid coming into contact with others. With this in mind, and for the safety of everyone at Massothérapie Massage Addict clinics across the country, our licensed service providers may decline service. Your appointment will be rescheduled, with clinics waiving the 24-hour notice period.


We are dedicated to the care of our clients and our team members. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and adjust our precautions as necessary.