A Proven Formula for Success

At Massothérapie Massage Addict, we’ve designed a proven formula for our franchise partners that serves as the foundation for a successful business.

There are three elements that are essential to running a successful franchise business:

1. A well-known brand that captures client/customer demand:

  • The Massothérapie Massage Addict brand leads the market: With over 75 clinics and 900+ Registered Massage Therapists, Massage Addict is the largest and fastest growing brand in the market. Over 55,000 Canadians receive a Massage therapy treatment every month at Massothérapie Massage Addict.
  • Massage therapy is growing: Massage therapy continues to be on the rise with 44% of Canadians continuing to include therapeutic treatments as a form of non-traditional healthcare.

2. A successful and proven business model:

  • Low investment and start-up costs: Estimated start-up costs range from $175-$225,000 including the franchise fee, clinic renovations, furniture, equipment and opening cash flow requirements. Plus, most franchise partners receive financing through the Canada Small Business Financing Program.
  • Recurring revenue and quick ROI: The 12-month membership model creates a long-term, sticky client relationship. Over 75% of monthly revenue comes from recurring clients, and some 80% of our clients pay via health insurance. The result? Predictable revenue and quick return on investment.
  • Opportunity for multi-clinic ownership: More than 50% of our franchise owners operate multiple clinics, some opening a first and then using the profits to expand to a second or third clinic.
  • Straightforward in-clinic business model: Massothérapie Massage Addict is a single-service business that requires minimal inventory and working capital. It also provides an easy-to-operate staffing model.

3. Head Office expertise and support:

  • The Massothérapie Massage Addict management team brings over 130 years of combined experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations, IT, Finance and general business leadership.
  • Details on the comprehensive support we supply our franchise partners can be found here
    • Pre-Opening
    • Opening Week
    • Post Opening


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